UBL Joins hands with Microsoft to establish virtual infrastructure

STAFF REPORT KHI: United Bank Limited (UBL) being the most dynamic bank has held hands with Microsoft, cementing the objective to complete an exceptionally productive move to a totally virtualized server scenario. Utilizing Microsofts Hyper-V system for the project, the primary conversion will be totally realized by December 2015 with the hot areas being done by April 2016. This move will achieve different operational store reserves for the bank, furthermore opening up a course to private cloud use.

Yousuf Nasir, Head of Information Technology at UBL, remarked on this move, “This agreement and setting up of virtual infrastructure will add a great deal of convenience in transactions and operations of the bank and increasing the productivity and cutting the cost”.

Microsoft is helping UBL in setting up another back-end base infrastructure which is an arrangement of Hyper-V groups supported by some extra cutting edge servers through a totally disturbance free move. This move will bring about a considerable measure of operational benefits for UBL alongside expense funds.

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