STAFF REPORT ISB: The Joint Working Group of Pakistan and Belarus moved forward for socio-economic development for respective coordinated effort in short and medium-term through cooperation in SandT and various other sectors to create knowledge based economy.

Federal Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastgir Khan and Belarusian Minister for Industry Vitaly M Vovk were present at the working group meeting. Dastgir said during the meeting, “Both the countries can take two-sided trade to $1 billion in the accompanying five years from the current $57 million”.

The fields recognized for support included trade, economy, industry, agriculture, science and technology, innovation, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. The two sides assented to develop the extent of basic trade stock, form the offer of stock in the field of high advancements and cutting edge quality included items.

It was identified that investment in the zone of trade organizations; for instance, information technology, budgetary administrations, transport and logistics would be enhanced through mutual cooperation.

The joint exchange board would be set and it would hold meetings at regular intervals to review the progress and set the targets for future. The cooperation of both countries and thinking on new lines is a ray of hope and will be an elixir for coping with humongous challenges that are daunting the economy.

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