By Ahsan Jamil

PAKISTAN`S BOOMING Information Technology (IT) industry is propelling on fast pace as few of the shimmering facts tear apart the crimson boundaries and hint an illustrious growth due to the features of adaptability of global IT companies, rising consumer base, increased tech knowledge, the growing demand of network security etc. Pakistans share of global IT sales has climbed to $2.8 billion, out of which $1.6 billion accounts for the countrys exports of software and IT-enabled services. The engagement of youth and their stitch relation to technology is a startling scenario.

These glaring facts were presented before the delegation Google Asia Pacific who had a meeting with Federal State Minister, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoIT), Anusha Rahman to discuss mutual cooperation areas for the advancement of IT industry of Pakistan which is certainly the next big thing around. The delegation was led by t, the vice president and managing director for South East Asia.

Anusha Rahman said while talking to the delegation, “The IT industry of Pakistan is flourishing at stead fast pace and the incumbent government is committed to create enabling environment for global IT companies to chip in and mark their physical presence in Pakistan market which will render ponderous traces on their company`s revenue as well as help in shaping up of IT industry in Pakistan”.

“In spite of rising potential in the IT sector there are still huge voids such as the underwhelming physical presence of global IT companies. I firmly assure that this is most appropriate time to sneak into the Pakistan`s market and Google must avail the humongous opportunities”, she added.

Rajan Anandan said during the meeting, “Pakistan has certainly come a long way during the past few years in IT advancement and has created favorable conditions for global IT companies. The steps of the government of Pakistan are highly commendable which is swiftly pushing the country towards technology era by adapting Information Communication Technology (ICT) in various sectors, e-governance, tele-centres etc have certainly appealed the Google team and soon some robust advancements regarding physical presence of the Company in Pakistan could be sensed”.

The entry of global technology companies in Pakistan will mature the ecosystem of the IT industry and the whole paradigm may shift and revolve around the set standards by the global entrants.

The legal framework also supports global players entry as PEC Bill provides intermediary liability protection and relevant clause of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002 provide unambiguous support for localization of various Google services in Pakistan thus vindicating an embracing environment.

The global corporations stepping in will have huge impacts on socio-economic parameters as well as much of the unemployed technology aficionados may get job opportunities. Furthermore, the relatively cheaper human resource can be capitalized by Google or any other global entrant in Pakistan and mark huge presence in the country.

In the last of couple of years, the IT industry has come out of the wrap due to remarkable policies and initiatives of the government. Pakistan now has 25 plus technology incubators, accelerators that produce highly skilled prodigy of technopreneurs that advance further for their exclusive startups. Plan 9, Plan X are two of those initiatives that are swiftly changing the dynamics of the IT industry in Pakistan by equipping youth with technology and the innovation.

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