LWMC starts awareness programme for clean environment

STAFF REPORT LHR: The environmental awareness programmes are important to educate societies in order to nurture a healthy environment friendly ambiance in the cities as well as in the whole country. The municipal authorities and the civic agencies of cities shoulder an important responsibility in this regard. Realizing the challenge of environmental pollution, Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has launched awareness programme in educational institutions. The objectives of this programme are to raise community awareness in environment perspective and reforming their daily life habits that add to the pollution.

Senior official from LWMC while commenting on this awareness programme said, “LWMC is focused towards a holistic approach in order to clean the cities, uplift the environment by involving communities and apprising them about their role which is important to combat the challenge as a whole. LWMC has initially planned to target 48 institutions in next four months. The youth especially students can play practical part in campaigning by volunteering and bring about a positive change”. The company sources informed that the awareness programmes will be comprised of lecture series, seminars, documentaries screening, interactive animated movies based on LWMC operations to sensitize the important aspect of environmental conservation and breathe in fresh air.

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