Iran offers to export 3,000 MW to Pakistan

STAFF REPORT LHR: Iran has showed intent to export 3,000MW electricity to Pakistan in order to help country to come out of the hoax of energy crisis. A meeting was held between Iranian Ambassador, Ali Raza and Muhammad Younas Dagha, Secretary Ministry of Water and Power in which the areas of cooperation in energy sector were mutually discussed.


The Iranian Ambassador said during his meeting, “Pakistan -Iran share long term bilateral relationship of brotherhood; the cooperation in energy sector is a great opportunity for both countries to strengthen the diplomatic relationship through joint energy projects. Iran is ready to export 3000 MW electricity to abet Pakistan combat with the perils of energy crisis”.

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Muhammad Younas Dagha complemented the idea of mutual cooperation and said, “Pakistan welcomes this soft gesture from Iran and a delegation would visit Iran in order to discuss modalities and feasibilities for 1000MW which were in its final stages”.

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Both the representatives of respective countries acknowledged the friendly relation between both countries and urged government counterparts to take steps in order to increase people to people contact between Pak-Iran and exchange resources for betterment of both countries.

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