UoE advances for education quality improvement

STAFF REPORT LHR: The quality of education and research culture in universities are fundamentally important for academic excellence. The University of Education (UoE) and Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) have come closer to each other through a mutual agreement to setup an Academy of Professional Development (APD) to consolidate the motive of improving education quality and capacity building.

Vice Chancellor UoE, Dr Fiaz ul Hasan and Chairman PHEC, Dr Nizam ud Din inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to formally collaborate for setting up of APD.

Dr Nizam ud Din while speaking on the occasion said, “The revolutionary steps are required to improve the quality of education and research culture; UoE is doing a commendable job in this regard and other universities must follow UoE in order to collectively improve the quality of education”.

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