STAFF REPORT KHI: The public hearing was on authority and influence of Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) was held. The event was organized by SEPA for redressal of rising concerns of public on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of 350MW Coal power plant project. The estimated cost of the project is $550 million.

EMC-Pakistan EIA Director Saqib Ejaz Hussain gave a detailed presentation on the EIA of the project. He said that hyper-safe technology is to be used by the company for power generation that will produce less greenhouse gases (GHG) emission than other conventional technologies. The company planned to transport coal via covered trucks to control dust emissions. It was also apprised to the participants that imported coal from Indonesia or South Africa will be used in the project. It was countered by serious criticism as speakers laid stress on use of indigenous coal resources instead of import to cut the project cost. Environmental scientists, former secretaries, researchers, lawyers, civil society participated in the public hearing.

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