Anchor for optimized network monitoring in Pakistan

Staff Report ISB: The RIPE Atlas Anchor was hosted by COMSATS Internet Services (CIS). The event was sponsored by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

The RIPE Atlas project is mainly an internet measurement network that incorporates global network of probes and anchors in order to monitor and measure internet connectivity and health of the network in real time.

M. Amir Malik, CEO CIS was present on the occasion who said that CIS was the forerunner Internet Service provider in Pakistan and maintaining its legacy it becomes first to initiate the installation of the RIPE Atlas Anchor with the outstanding support of APNIC. He further said that this will help in fostering our integration and system to ensure that our clients in Pakistan get the best internet experience.

Duncan Macintosh, APNIC Development Director said in his address, “APNIC is privileged to have collaboration with COMSATS in hosting an Anchor in Pakistan.” Macintosh further added, “The Atlas Anchor offers understanding of the state of a countrys Internet infrastructure in real time. All the data collected by the Anchor is made available to everyone for free to do their own analysis.”

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