ICUP, South Korean Uni come close for joint endeavors

Staff Report PEW: The Islamia College University, Peshawar (ICUP) and the Se Jong University of Seoul, Republic of South Korea have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for academic collaboration which will ensure students and faculty exchanges, mutual assistance in higher research projects and joint research endeavors.

Ajmal Khan, Vice Chancellor of ICUP and Vice President for International Affairs, Se Jong University, Yongwook were present at the occasion. The other participants included Dean Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Inayat Ali Shah, Dr. Zahoor Jan and Dr. Sajjad of Computer Science Department.

It merits mention here that the credit for knitting together in academic linkage these two historic academic institutions goes to Professor Sung Wook Baik, Head of Intelligent Media Lab (IM Lab), Dean, College of Electronics and Information Engineering. The South Korean Professor came into contact with Muhammad Sajjad a faculty member of the Department of Electronics, ICP, who did his Ph. D in Intelligent Media Lab under Prof. Baik. South Korean Professor Baik has also enrolled two more faculty members of the Department of Computer Science, ICP, Jamil Ahmad and Faisal Saeed for PhD level research based on fully funded scholarship in IM Lab on Dr. Muhammad Sajjad recommendation.

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