"Social media and its changing dynamics" session held

Social media has taken the world by storm, and is transforming the way people around the world communicate. One million Pakistanis joined Facebook in Jan 2014. As of 31st Jan 2014, there are 12.6 million active Facebook users per month. With more than 50% users in the 18-34 age brackets, and with the majority of the remaining below 18 years, there is an enormous potential for brands to reach out and build enduring relationships converting fans to consumers.

Same as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are also very popular Apps in social media. One third population of Pakistan is using social media. Every social, corporate is sector using social media for their campaigns being convenient and cost effective than traditional advertising.

To highlight the significance or social media in branding, marketing, campaigning, and the variables that govern social media dynamics particularly in Pakistan`s perspective; a successful Speaker session was held earlier this month with the title “Social Media and its changing dynamics.” The event was organized by The Nest i/O and P@SHA at Karachi.

A distinguished trainer, successful entrepreneur, blogger, Fasial Kapadia was present at the occasion as the Speaker. Kapadia is the Director Social Media and Founder of Mind Map Communications and the Editor for lingua Urdu section of Global voices. Faisal is a valuable mentor and advisor to teams at The Nest I/O.

The students from Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) participated in the Speaker session and learnt many aspects about Social Media from the Faisal Kapadia. The session acquainted the students with advantages of social media and techniques through which brands can increase their visibility and boost the sales in return, to find new leads through social media, to access networks, real-world information, and activities through social media, to start e-commerce, the variable that change the trends on social media, and other different dimensions of social media that can complement the promotional, campaigning activities.

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