Staff Report KHI: In a meeting recently held between Khawaja Asif, Federal Minister for Water and Power and Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Minister for Finance and Energypertaining to energy issues particularly on clarification of barring solar and wind power projects which was reported earlier on.

Khawaja Asif dispelled the rumors of banning projects on renewable energy and elucidated that Federal Government was focusing towards curbing energy crisis and is a strong proponent for consumption of indigenous resources particularly renewable energy to counter the menace of energy shortfall.

Murad Ali Shah welcomed the statement from Federal Minister and said, “Sindh has affluent renewable energy potential of solar, wind and other renewable energy resources including identified wind corridor of 50,000 MW. The Government of Sindh has introduced various measures which include developer support framework, providing incentives to manufacturers of renewable energy equipment etc. A large number of wind and solar energy projects are being processed by the Government of Sindh to combat the persisting energy crisis, while developing the renewable energy projects in the province.”

Presently, the proportion of renewable energy in country`s energy mix is insignificant whereas other developing countries had set aspiring targets to substantially boost the share of renewable energy sources. Being indigenous, clean and cost effective resources renewable energy projects are well-thought-out to be most sustainable choice for power generation.

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