Staff Report ISD: Scientists from Pakistan and Belarus joined the meeting aimed to exchange ideas, highlight issues related to scientific research, and propose solutions for improvement of research productivity by collaborative efforts. The meeting was organized by National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB).

The scientists from Pakistan and Belarus urged establishment of combined fund for scientific research especially in the field of agriculture. Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari, Chief Scientific Secretary, Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), showed his keen interest and emphasized on creation of the mutual fund so to enhance the research activities substantially. He said, “We would like to establish strong cooperation between Belarus and Pakistan in the agricultural sector. I believe we have a lot to offer each other. The establishment of joint fund between Belarus and Pakistan will foster scientific research that will be beneficial for both countries.”

Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Executive Director of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan while addressing to the meeting said, “I am well aware that Belarus has a very strong infrastructure in this education. We have a lot to gain from cooperation. In the future, we plan to establish the exchange of scientific experts, organize seminars and implement joint programs. We are particularly interested in agricultural universities. We plan to sign a number of agreements in this regard.”

Sergei Yakovchik, Director General of the Scientific and Practical Center of the NASB for Agricultural Mechanization said, “We are privileged to offer Pakistan a number of agricultural machinery and equipment for tillage, processing and refinement of grain and machinery for taking care of vegetable crops and potatoes.”

The idea of establishment of joint research fund by scientists of Pakistan and Belarus scientists is of crucial importance and it will impart positive synergic impacts on scientific research in both countries.

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