PARC unveils 4 new rust-resistant wheat varieties

STAFF REPORT ISB: PARC has released four new rust resistant wheat varieties including a bio-fortified variety having 50 percent zinc contents. The bio-fortified variety is first-ever such introduction in the list of recommended varieties for farmers choice in any agro-ecology, Chairman PARC Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) Dr Shahid Masood said at a meeting.

He said all these varieties were resistant to different types of rusts, which have been one of the major biotic threats to wheat production. So these varieties could resist all stem rust races including, UG-99, which has been infecting wheat crop all across the world and RRTTF, which has been threatening for wheat crop in Sindh province.

Dr Shahid expressed hope new varieties would bring diversity in existing wheat genetic pool and help in sustained productivity, hence promoting agri culture production all across the country.

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