Council formed for peasants rights protection

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Agrarian Reforms Council has been launched with the prime objective of developing the rural economy in the province. It also aims to tackle poverty by strengthening agriculture and supporting the rights of farmers and peasants.

The council would act as an independent think tank giving recommendations for reviewing land and agrarian policies. Initially, it will take up some urgent issues, but over the time it might cover a wide range of agro-economic and environment policy issues ranging from rural infrastructure to agri-marketing, said an office bearer of the council.

He said that it will promote dialogue among policymakers, journalists and the public. The council will meet on a quarterly basis to review its progress. It will consist of politicians, parliamentarians, academicians, judiciary members, journalists and farmers.

The meeting decided that the council would meet again within a month to constitute an executive body consisting of MPAs and members of civil society. Other objectives of the council include helping the government develop effective land as well as common understanding on issues related to farmers, peasants, land, food security and irrigation.

Awami Workers Party General Secretary Farooq Tariq said growers were given very low wages. He expressed concerns over the attitude of feudals towards tenants.

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