STAFF REPORT ISB: Though Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a few days back, had banned the most popular blogger website in Pakistan, yet this website is still accessible without any kind of hurdle in it.

WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the web at more than 60 million websites. International media organisations reported that after a permanent ban on YouTube, now the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned the website due to security reasons.

Reports also criticised the government for putting an alleged ban on internet use in the country and stated that the government had also temporarily suspended other social media sites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, IMDb, Twitter, in the past.

But, the officials rejected the impression that the website was banned in the country for any duration of time.

According to officials, the website was not blocked by government and the users who were unable to open the page might be due to some other reason. However, the officials said that during last week up till 23 March, some Internet devices were blocked due to security reasons but they were restored at a later stage.

By Web Team

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