STAFF REPORT ISB: COMSATS and UNESCO have signed an MoU for collaboration on SandT capacity-building programmes in the COMSATS Centres of Excellence. The MoU was signed by Dr. I. E. Qureshi, Executive Director COMSATS, and Irina Bokova, Director-General UNESCO at a ceremony held at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris.

On the occasion, Dr. Qureshi highlighted the COMSATS role as an organization dedicated to the promotion of scientific cooperation among developing countries.

He recounted the achievements of the Commission in areas of education and training, workshops and symposia, thematic research, as well as advocacy and policy advice, using mainly the model of South-South cooperation.

Pointing out the unique strength of COMSATS in having an affiliated degree awarding institution, the COMSATS CIIT, he recalled that an agreement to establish UNESCO Chair was made by CIIT and UNESCO last year.

Dr. Qureshi reiterated that CIIT and other members of COMSATS Network of International Centres of Excellence would work closely with UNESCO in its SandT related activities.

The UNESCO Director-General appreciated the international programmes of COMSATS, adding that she is impressed with what she has learnt about the organization.

Bokova added that the past cooperation and trust between COMSATS and UNESCO has led to the unanimous decision of the UNESCO Executive Board to enter into cooperative ties with COMSATS.

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