Reduced jute usage causes environment degradation

STAFF REPORT KHI: The export, consumption and production of jute are gradually declining in the country, which calls for immediate attention of the government, said Muhammad Younus, Secretary General of Pakistan Jute Manufacturers Association (PJMA).

The production of jute in the country was 103,957 tons in 2003/04, but now it stands at 101,722 tons in 2013/14, while it touched heights of 137,411 tons during 2008/09. Similarly, the consumption of raw jute in 2007/08 was 134,427 tons and now in 2013/14 it came down to 108,917 tons, according to the data. The consumption patterns reached a peak of 145,147 tons in 2008/09.

“The government should introduce mandatory packaging acts like many regional countries have done. But in Pakistan the situation is entirely different,” Younus said.

The exports of jute goods were 13,563 tons in 2007/08, which touched the highest figure of 19,102 tons in 2012/13, but now it fell down to just 10,039 tons in 2013/14. In contrast, the import substitution has also declined from $100,350,000 in 2006/07 to $95,828,000 in 2013/14, whereas it touched the heights of $116,291,000 in 2008/09.

He said import dependence of raw material could further be reduced if the government promotes jute production.

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