STAFF REPORT KHI: The Information Technology Department of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has developed and launched its software Flight Information and Revenue Management System (FIRMS) for maintaining the record and billing of all flights using Pakistani airspace.

The launching ceremony of the said software has recently been held at the CAA Headquarter Karachi. Director General, CAA, Air Marshal (Ret) Muhammad Yousf, was the chief guest of the ceremony.

He praised the efforts of CAA IT Department for developing and launching the software.

With this initiative, the billing of all flights using Pakistani airspace has been converted to a fully automated system, which has also been linked with the Air Transport and Management System.

Implementation of AMS will make the Airworthiness Certificate, Inspection and Monitoring procedures online, helping engineers make online entries while reporting from any airport.

The DG CAA said that the development of aviation automated systems like FIRMS and AMS by CAAs own IT Department independently proves our teams capabilities and the fact that CAA employees are completely motivated with a strong ambition to move forward.

“With the right motivation and direction for utilizing our own resources, we can compete with any other country in the aviation sector,” he added.

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