Market scale, developmental features and growth potentials of electronic information products while the consumption of household electrical appliances is at a rising stage in Pakistan, the sources of household electrical products on the market are mainly relying on import. The Pakistan government announced that it will no longer import complete sets of exchanges from foreign countries, and only home-made exchanges can access the market in Pakistan.Among the global software industry, Pakistan accounts for less than 3%. Famons brand PCs total only 130,000 all around Pakistan, and PCs with inferior brands total about 55,000. 2.3.2 Analysis on sales volume, structural features and development potentials of electronic information products. The computer hardware market of Pakistan has developed considerably over the recent years.

Philips, Intel and Acer have founded their offices in Pakistan. Philips Pakistan Branch stated that the company is considering starting to assemble computer spare parts, especially displays, in Pakistan. From January to June 2001, Acer reported a growth of 135% in sales volume of computers and spare parts in Pakistan. Such a growth rate indicates that there is still tremendous space for growth in the computer market. Intel set up its branch company in Pakistan as early as 1997.

The company stated that in the third quarter of 1999 the company hit historical high record of delivery in the total microprocessors, chipsets and quick blink memories. The growth rate in software was 115 for 1996-1997, 18% for 1997-1998, and reached 45% in 2000.

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