There is need for utilizing bioremediation technology to overcome water scarcity challenges facing the country. The demand of drinking water is increasing day-by-day and the country could face water scarcity if measures were not taken and the bioremediation technology is a good tool to overcome the impending crises. There are fifteen large and small streams passing in Islamabad area and through Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) bioremediation technology waste water will be cleaned and used for green belt that will help to save our drinking water. This was stated by Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Mr. Maroof Afzal while addressing at concluding ceremony of two-day International Workshop on Pakistan Bio-remediation Model for Waste Water Treatment. The workshop was organized by National Institute of Bioremediation (NIB) of PARC.

Mr. Maroof further said that CDA acknowledges the services of PARC scientists for the introduction of Bioremediation model for waste water treatment in Islamabad city to protect the environment and beauty of the city.

Speaking on the occasion Director General of National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan said Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has demonstrated various cutting edge technologies and our farmers and society are benefiting from these technological interventions. A feather in the cap of NARC is the development of Pakistan Model of Bioremediation for treatment of wastewater to valued water for its use in agriculture.

This is the team effort of National Institute of Bioremediation (NIB) of PARC / NARC which we are proud of. In a very short span of time, Pakistan Model of Bioremediation has got high level priority not only in Pakistan, but has also been acknowledged at the global level. In Pakistan, it has been replicated at 80 sites of different climatic and soil conditions, whereas internationally it has been chosen by the Standing Committee of Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which has funded a project entitled “Pakistan Bioremediation Model for Waste Water Treatment and Capacity Building Program among OIC Member Countries.

He said that the selection of this project by COMCEC is a sort of appreciation at international level for the hard work of NARC. Presently, NIB-NARC is executing 2 projects in collaboration with CDA at Rose and Jasmine Garden and F-9 Park Islamabad.

On this occasion, Dr. Syed Shakeel Raza, Project Expert (NIB) COMCEC-OIC gave a detailed presentation on customized biological solutions for effective utilization of organic material according to local climatic conditions: Partner countries perspective. In his presentation he said Pakistan model of bioremediation appears to be adoptable in the four OIC member countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and United Arabs Emirates wherever climatic conditions are comparable to those found at different mode; replicated sites in Pakistan.

Dr. Yousaf Riaz, Director NIB said the bioremediation technology was introduced in 2008 at NARC. Bio-remediation of waste water treatment model so far implemented at more than 80 locations in Pakistan. He said the technology called the Pakistan Model of Bioremediation has been demonstrated to reduce strain on fresh water on the one hand and reclaim used water for its utilization in agriculture on the other. It is cheap and cost effective as compared to commonly used conventional physical and chemical methods of treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.

On this occasion Dr. Yousaf Hayat, PSO (ERI) said Pakistan model of bioremediation is a wonderful model. Dr. Muhammad Ashiq, Director (ERI) said through bioremediation model we can conserve and protect our environment wheras Dr. Shahid Rafique, Member (ASD) PARC, Dr. Asif Riaz, Project Expert COMCEC, and Mr. Faseeh-ur-Rehman. Project Coordinator COMCEC, Mr. Fatih KAYA Director International Projects COMCEC, Mr. Roohullah Omid (Afghanistan), Ms. Lale Gundogan (Turkey) and other speakers also addressed and shared their experience and views. Member (NRD) PARC, Member (Environment) CDA, Director (PRandP) and other senior PARC scientists were also present in the ceremony.

Later on Chairman CDA Mr. Maroof Afzal awarded shields in recognition of contributions to Mr. Fatih Kaya, Director International Projects COMCEC, Ms. Lale Gundogan (Turkey), Mr. Aydin (Turkey), Mr. Roohullah Omid (Afghanistan), Mr. Obaidullah Rahimi (Afghanistan), Dr. M. Azeem Khan, DG NARC (Responsible Authority COMCEC), Dr. Asif Riaz, Project Expert COMCEC, Dr. Shakeel Raza, Project Expert COMCEC, Mr. Faseeh-ur-Rehman. Project Coordinator COMCEC, Ms. Augustina and Ms. Beenish, OPF School, Mr. Yousaf Riaz, Director NIB, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Khokhar, PSO NIB, Mr. Ijaz and Mr. Adnan Shakeel Scientific Officers of NIB, COMCEC-OIC (On behalf of COMCEC-OIC Mr. Fatih Kaya)

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