STAFF REPORT LHR: Under-invoicing on import of poultry products is on the rise, as presently processed chicken meat is being imported at 75 Cents per kg from China while the rate of this same boneless, fatless and ready-to-cook chicken product is not less than $4 per kg across the world, massively damaging the industry of Pakistan.

Experts from the poultry industry have asked the government that all impediments which increase the cost such as lower capacity utilization, import duties on inputs, lack of protection against imports and lack of regulations for disease identification need to be addressed for making exports feasible.

“The government needs to impose ban on import of poultry products, as it is not only the issue of quality rather it is also the matter of Halal and Haram,” said Pakistan Poultry Association chairman Ahmed Waseem.

He observed that local cost of production is already high on account of electricity and gas outages and prevalence of epidemic diseases on account of lack of regulations, coupled with import duties on inputs, making the local production uncompetitive.

“If the poultry import is not checked immediately, the entire poultry industry in general and the emerging poultry sector in particular will suffer a serious setback,” he warned.

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