Technology Foresight in education sector is very crucial as more and more new tech concepts of education are up coming and surfacing these days which shouldnt be adopted or diffused till we have a good discussions of their impacts on society in terms of social, moral, behavioral, theological and financial contexts. Studying these contexts are crucial as norms of any society come first. However, it is largely ignored by the companies while launching a new product of interest.

Education sector isnt free from contagious IT. All are affected despite suffering economic turmoil and economy be in shambles, the penetration and adoption of IT is so deeply rooted that even the divine sector of education isnt free from IT. Bits and bots are gaining control of pedagogy which though is economic in one aspect of financial terms but sure having drawbacks which are to be observed in the long run as that of climate change due to green house gases.

IT has greatly helped and yet new innovations are giving access to education to all despite their needs not that much strong in those areas but still the education is being imposed. Void of their choice, interest, requirement, need, age, maturity etc. the imposition of modern education standards are being implemented in all societies. Care isnt taken to look for any upcoming issues and challenges due to moral and social values in those areas or communities. Backed by world org, the solutions are forced despite resistance from the locals.

MOOCs (massive online open courses) are gaining popularity in all over the world. Foresight in education is also targeting one aspect that contact hours of the teachers and students play vital and pivotal role in up bringing a child as a better citizen of society. Long in the history and still the importance of teacher is validated and highlighted. Teacher being a human being deals with the students very tactfully and sensibly unlike a robot or web portal. It becomes a role model for the student teaching not only the subject matter but the values explicitly as well as implicitly. Values intrinsic to him/her are transferred to students. Thus presence of teacher harmonized the whole culture prevailing in the society by making the disciples understand the complexity of nature and life in connecting with the events occurring in surroundings. Thus a stable and strong being for the future is being trained by a teacher. Facial expressions, looks full of love, smiles, anger, etc. all play a significant role in building good character.

Now, MOOCs are merely subject matter which is going to be easy for anyone to gain access to and learn about the techniques and technologies. However, this may lead us to a society where we are only animals not social. We may be dwelling together but not socializing to harmonize the atmosphere. We may be earning, leading, obeying but like robots.

Sins are indeed because of bad behavior, which are very crucial for testing and examining a social figure. Bad behaviors are very important part of life as without bad life would be monotonic or boring. The basic charm is to transform a bad into good person. Technology isnt that smart to give relief to a sinful man/woman but depending on the conditions programmed it may fail a person who may have the potential to become good if forgiven this time for any irresponsible action committed. Humans do have this nature of giving one relaxation to get promotion for improving the personality rather than making someone face the hard times due to a mistake.

The MOOCs may be good in certain contexts but massive adoption may cause many harms to healthy social infrastructure. In history, the education was attained by traveling many miles away from the country into a new world with new teachers to teach you. The value thus was higher as more time and money in addition to precious potential are invested to gain knowledge. Now, its on finger tips. Perhaps, this easy accessibility is making the actions and attitudes of students not being positively impacted by the training and education programs. Real learning comes with experiences not the course content. Theory is mere a contextual framework which works temporarily in a situation. As the dimensions change, the theory modifications become necessary. MOOCs may be used as a supporting tool in education but not at all as a replacement of teachers. They do assist in learning the subject matter but dont build our character.

Does IT play a significant role in character building? Can we make IT as effective as a teacher in the class is? Will IT be replacing the teachers also as it has replaced books as best friends? What implications would there be if we only use IT as facilitator and replace nothing, not even an office boy from a business or public sector organization?

Only issue is lack of paper money to pay off. Else, the social, moral and frugal “money” has more value for a healthy society. It is being pressurized by civil society to adopt these values systems by the business organizations rather than focusing and making entrepreneurs mere a money making figures of society via tech as MOOCs.

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