STAFF REPORT ISB: Following the constant energy shortfall in the country, the government has been urged to formulate the national fuel consumption policy in consultation with the stakeholders in the public and private sectors and implement it on priority basis by taking appropriate measures.

“The countrys import bill is gradually increasing due to various reasons and there is dire need for adoption of fuel saving measures both in the public and private sectors to keep petrol, diesel and CNG consumption at the lower side,” said CEO Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi of Future Technologies.

While talking to media in Islamabad, he said the people are generally depending on the govt for reduction in the petrol prices but with continuous increase in the consumption of POL products and wrong customer knowledge, the desired results are very difficult to be achieved.

Shoaib said as a matter of fact, problem is not CNG; it is the customers awareness. He stated that they need to address the people for the right approach to achieve economy for their vehicles use.

He said he had made presentations last year regarding this gadget to the Ministry of Industries and am still awaiting response.

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