Drilling is very important part of any manufacturing process. It constitutes 25% work of the process. Also, heat produced in this is very much wasted and not used for any good work. We have been using different ways of drilling which are costly and at the same time not very friendly to environment or the workers.

A conference at NUST about a new drilling technology gave me exposure to a new technology which can drill really faster and is very much friendly to the workers and envrionment. It an drill in 3 to 4 seconds. The hole drilled is in engines for the sake of oil to pass through and cool down the engine. Before, the use of coolant was not that fast and free from pollution dangerous for different entities.

The technology introduced is worked upon and produced by an eminent scientist working in GM for the past many years and got the breakthrough after using the techniques of Design of Experiment, a subject of great importance in manufacturing schools to validate the outcomes for the industry and academia. The technology is getting popularity in US and is going to be implemented by other automotive companies also. GM has already started using it and is saving huge amounts of costs.

EPA has also approved the technology as a good for environment technology. The lubrication used is very little in this as compared to the older processes but the time to drill is much faster than what it was in the history.

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