STAFF REPORT KHI: GE Wind Turbines GE has announced to provide 33 wind turbines to the Sapphire Wind Power farm in the southeastern Pakistani province of Sindh, located just outside the provincial capital of Karachi.

The move marks GEs first wind order in the country, and takes Pakistan another step towards its own renewable energy goals.

Pakistan is not a name that often appears in the renewable energy news hedalines, but the country is not without its own clean energy industry.

With the Jhimpir Wind Power Plant also located in Sindh, and the proposed 1,000 MW Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Pakistan is taking steps. Although, it needs to not necessarily take big steps, considering the countrys renewable energy target is 5 per cent of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

“We chose GE wind turbines because they are a well-proven technology and widely installed around the world, especially in tropical climates like that of Pakistan,” said Nadeem Abdullah, owner of the Sapphire Wind Power farm. “GE has been instrumental in supporting Sapphire to achieve financial closure with OPIC.”

“GE is excited to help our customers in Pakistan work towards its goals for renewable energy growth in the country,” said Anne McEntee, President and CEO of GEs renewable energy business.

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