STAFF REPORT ISB: As many as 32 Pakistani professionals from the water management and agriculture sectors who participated in a USAID training programme in 2012 and 2014 have met in Islamabad to discuss the follow-up actions from their visits to the United States and Australia.

Representatives from both the public and private sectors were able to discuss how they would apply the techniques they learned from the training to improve irrigation practices in Pakistan.

During the training programme, the participants observed modern water management systems and technologies such as furrow irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkle irrigation, and the use of pivots in Colorado and Australia.

The three-week training was an opportunity for Pakistani farmers from various areas of the country to learn how efficient crop irrigation techniques could increase overall profits.

The event allowed participants to network and share plans to best adopt these improved irrigation practices in Pakistan, as well as create training programmes in their respective regions for other farmers and agriculture practitioners.

USAID Mission Director Gregory Gottlieb told participants, “I urge you to continue to make improvements to your irrigation practices and contribute to increased competitiveness of Pakistans agriculture sector.”

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