STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan, badly hit by energy crisis, would be having a solar-powered vehicles in near future as the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has approved the technology and standards of a solar power driven vehicle prototype.

The vehicle, produced by the Ageco company has introduced a solar-powered prototype car which is doorless and has apparently no beauty in looks.

According to an official close to this development disclosed this scribe that industrial production of this solar vehicles could get underway after the federal governments Engineering Development Board also approves its design and technology as safe and road-worthy.

Possibly the most pleasant outcome would be refitting, or replacing the three-wheeler motor rickshaws in the country with solar hybrid electric motor operated kit.

That would rid the cities and towns of the environmental and noise pollutions the present day rickshaws produce. “Our golf cart-looking solar vehicles are completely Pakistan-made and can be used to go to work, or take children to schools, or in place of the motor rickshaws,” said the companys managing director.

According to manufacturers, the solar vehicle would run 80 kilometres on full charge. The kits battery consumes roughly four units – 1,000 Watts makes up one unit – and would be charging when the vehicle is running in the sun. Extra distance can be covered by adding extra batteries. The golf cart model has solar panels fitted on the bonnet and roof, and on the doors too in the covered car model.

Spare parts for the vehicles, which have a plastic body on a metal frame, would be no problem as they are entirely made in Pakistan.

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