STAFF REPORT ISB: Around 2.5 million subscribers have so far opted for 3G services being provided by mobile phone operators after its launch in April this year while this number is expected to rise further in due course.

This number is grossly close to 3.34 million broadband users that were available in Pakistan before 3G services.

It took Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around eight years to take current broadband subscription to 3.37 million mark.Mobile service providers latest figures show that 3G adoption has been tremendous during early months considering the limited coverage from telecom operators in the country, the subscribers size of 2.5 million in short span of time is more than what they were originally expecting.

The figure of 2.5 million subscribers is derived through a definition according to which a cellular subscriber who has carried out a paid 3G data activity during last 90 days is considered a 3G user.

This definition of active 3G user might change with time to come but for now – for a start – anyone with one 3G data activity within past 90 days should be considered a 3G user.

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