Although it be any field of our life, science and technology have always progressively helped every institutional entity to go global. In this way, the textile industry has also adopted the products of science and technology to explore its goods in all parts of the country and abroad under the layer of exports but, it is our bad luck that the shortage of electricity has been locking the factories and industries since last one decade.

However, technologically layered corporations around the world are secured in terms of providing goods and services, sharing handful amount to GDP (Gross Development Product) and NI (National Income). And the most global institutions have rightly thought to be layered in the products and services of science and technology because it is good for their institutions, public, countries, and the world.

In addition, the software, robots, expert systems, etc, have supposed to be a one technological family which aims at providing different services to its related user entities. And, technology has shortened a long distance into a one-finger touch to help people, organisations, and governments to correspond each other for unstoppable betterment of their countries.

From using a cell phone to drill wells for pumping up oil all are service-user entities of science and technology. By using technological products, telecommunication entity is spreading smoothly over the globe. And by doing the same, oil and gas corporations remain engaged in producing and exploring minerals across different regions by using different technological stuffs like an “expert system” which helps them (geologists/engineers) in finding sites for drilling and mining. On the one hand, science and technology need to have efficient policies for its exploration and, on the other hand, youth also needs to be erudite in this developed field.

If the need of science and technological is high then why entities concerned are not willing to run national awareness campaign regarding science and technology in schools, collages, public places, libraries, and public parks. And the political speakers should also think over doing it in their public speeches and TV programs too, because if our leaders are highly well-educated of every school of thought then we would have a prosperous country and the future.

In my opinion, first the media should telecast those programs and videos which reflect the importance of understanding science and technology in youth. And the radio, newspapers, and magazines should also do the same in their circles. And the profit-oriented organisations and non profit-oriented organisations must strive to take part in this mega initiative because comprehending youth of science and technology, in return, is better for the institutions.

Moreover, international welfare organisations like Unesco, Unicef, EU, and USAID, must make partnership with the government to build “science parks and software centres” district-wise in Pakistan for putting a smile on the nations face.

By Web Team

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