When I was told in the border of a classroom that one day I would lose my beautiful garden, I would one day lose my only pet. One day sunrise will mean the hiding time, for Dr. says the scorching sun can give me skin burns and cancer. It further worries me when I was told that my little happy world would be destroyed before the Dooms Day I traditionally read in holy books. Although I still wonder if this is true, I can only hope it is impossibility, but as facts as it right, this tragedy called the ozone layer depletion looks to be around the corner.

This leaves me wondering. Are we happier than our fore fathers? What danger have we brought upon ourselves? What is the actual cause of these threats? Well, the answer is not farfetched. The most evident shield of the world is depleting day by day. Behold, any of my generations sits in its lounges on soft foam, enjoying the cold breeze from the air conditioners, drinking chilled water from the refrigerator and yet questions what can, we do to save our world. One thing we can do for sure is educate ourselves as awareness brings change. I believe, only efforts matter, even little.

This so-called shield is a concentration of ozone molecules in a layer stratosphere just above the one we breathe (troposphere). About 10-15 km above the earths crust this pungent smelling, pale blue gas (trioxygen molecule), although very dangerous for lives to breath in, continuously breaks and form (from diatomic oxygen) with in fraction of seconds. If certain hazardous chemicals (Gases containing chlorine and fluorine) reach upto this level and interfere in this conversion we will observe a thinner proportion of ozone.

Talking about the danger we would face if our ozone layer gets thinner day by day, we wont be able to enjoy our sun baths because even brave warriors would not be able to screen the harsh UV radiations coming from the sun.

The ozone hole stretching from Antarctica since 1980s has been converting continuously into a curse with a ozone declining rate of 4 per cent. The only way to protect this shield is to observe what actually is causing the danger to it.

Counting among the vulnerable chemicals, halocarbon refrigerants such as CFCs (cholorofluro carbons), halons and freons are the most catastrophic and devastating chemicals are the result of human activities. But now its time for us to beat enemies of nature. Our parents and their parents, of course, have contributed a lot to heavily damage our beautiful world, now its time for us to bring the change.

“The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity”. (Benjamin Disraeli)

Yes, we need to guard it, we need to protect it and we need to move forward and let me assure you if we connect hands to hands and light to light, the one billion young people in the world will set our whole planet glow.

For this you dont need to find a needle in a hay stack, the options are rather simpler. I call on the change demanding youths of Pakistan, our efforts is needed today, to save our world. For youngsters in Pakistan the efforts must be a little more, for we are lacking behind the world in education. The youngsters must teach their parents, their colleagues and family to minimize the habits which drastically lead to environmental damage. Stop littering everywhere, and if possible spread the word. Sorting of the wet and dry garbage is useful yet simpler, you may dump all the peels and degradable garbage in your lawns or plots nearby that will produce organic fertilizer within couple of months. The dry garbage which are non degradable and can produce toxic fumes on burning can be lent for recycling.

The use of eco and ozone friendly technologies will help a great deal in reducing hazardous emissions. At least youngsters must avoid excess use of personal vehicles, perhaps it is time we go back to the old tradition of cycling and walking for short distance travelling. The emissions from the cars, trains and ships contribute a lot to exhaust of oxides and poisonous gases. Youngsters in Pakistan are very keen to keep their cars updated and modified, then they should consider installing a catalytic converter in the exhaust to convert the poisonous and toxic gases in to environment friendly gases. Undoubtedly Pakistan has a very fertile land but according to the World Bank statistics 2010, less than 2.1 per cent of the Pakistans area covers forest compared to 25 per cent (worlds optimal standard). These forests are being cut down continuously for land, for fuel and for medicines.

Youngsters need to think and work of new alternatives for fuel and medicines. Of course, urbanization is the root of mass destruction to our environment, but we cannot afford to lose our planet. Reduce your dependency on air conditioners, electric heaters and ovens, refrigerators and keep a check on the performance and maintenance, recover and recycle the old CFCs so they are not released into the atmosphere. If possible start a refrigerant recovery and recycling program in your area. Ban the use of CFCs internationally in perfumes, deodorants foaming agents and coolants. Youths make this your responsibility, make your neighbor aware, and educate younger ones around you.

Maybe there is a hope; maybe the plants in my garden dont need to die; maybe our planet can be saved; maybe the sun can become friendly like it used to be. In spite the odd figures, we are expected to replenish the damage to the ozone layer till the middle of 21st century only. If we keep a control on the release of ozone depleting substances. Awareness, information and Actions can save our world, I have a future, You have a future, I have a dream, you have a dream, Save O layer today and we can save our dream, make a better world for you and for me.

By Web Team

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