STAFF REPORT RWP: To make education accessible to all, the Punjab government has initiated a project by making grade six to matriculation books available online for students. The initiative not only publishes books online but also provides students with video lectures on every topic in each book, facilitating them to study lectures on various topics of their syllabus from the comfort of their homes.

According to details, the website, e-learn punjab, has a total of 2,298 videos, 733 animations, 527 simulations, 1,881 figures, 2,715 pages and 944 assessments. It aims to impart education to students who cannot afford tuition fees for all subjects including mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology.The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is currently supervising the project in collaboration with the School Education Department and Punjab Textbook Board (PTB), said Muhammad Imtiaz, a PTB official.

“The board initiated this project in September last year on the directions of the chief minister who inaugurated the project in January this year,” PITB team leader and senior programme manager Kashif Farooq said.

He elaborated that the board had received soft content from the publishers of textbooks which they compiled to upload online, adding that the board then brought together relevant videos, assimilations, simulations/games and assessments, selected by a special team, on the website.

“We are also going to launch a DVD version from next month so the people who do not have access to internet can benefit from the programme,” Farooq said.

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