Though it is a proven fact that formal education has provided a strong foundation for the progress of developed states, yet the technical education has an equal share in taking world nations to new heights. The whole West several decades back had realized the significance of technical education and also concentrated on establishing a strong network of technical institutes with the purpose to produce a skilled workforce. Major thrust of technical and vocational education (TVE) worldwide is to address issues of youth unemployment, poverty and international competitiveness in skills development towards current and projected opportunities and challenges. However, this kind of education could hardly grab any attention especially in the third world countries including Pakistan. This is a point of high concern that the successive governments never heeded to this demanding issue. A polytechnic institute, established in Lahore about three decades back with the major financial as well as technical support of Japan, is unable to cater to the burgeoning needs of the middle level education of the country. At a stage when incoming of foreign investments is at a very dismal stage, imparting technical education to the youth, unable to get formal university education, in order to produce a skilled workforce. This would not only help in reducing poverty but also contribute towards national progress. This would go a long way in providing better opportunities to those students, who fail to find places within the formal university system, to become a skilled force. Upgrading of vocational curriculum has emerged as a major bottleneck towards catering to the modern day needs as it was last revised in 1980. The authorities need to revise it keeping in view the requirements of the emerging skilled market not only in the country but also the international market. As a remedial measure, there must an effective mechanism that could ensure post-primary school drop-outs to vocational education stream, control child labour through increasing provisions of skill development facilities, equal weightage to vocational and educational subjects. A need based training and curricula, establishment of accreditation, certification and examination system are the desperate need to ensure standard of training, motivation of teachers and management staff, provision of adequate equipment and teaching learning resources as per curricula are the pre-requisites to building a skilled youth in the country. So the government should come up with a reformed approach, involve private sector and promote the culture of technical education. There is no choice but to ensure all this if we want to put ourselves on road to sustainable progress.

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