STAFF REPORT KHI: A leading Chinese group, Zotye Holding Group, has expressed its interest in having a joint venture with Pakistani firm Raja Group of Industries to make Pakistan the manufacturing base for export of Zotye vehicles to South East Asian markets. This Chinese group is a modern automobile enterprise taking the RandD and manufacturing of vehicle, new energy vehicle and key auto parts like engine, auto mould, transmission as its core business. In recent years, Zotyes every development and every breakthrough have got much care and kindness from different leaders at all levels.

The Chinese state leaders such Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhendgsheng had visited Zotye many times and given their affirmation and encouragement to Zotyes development.

The auto sector is one of the emerging sectors in Pakistan exports and every effort is being taken by TDAP to promote the exports of auto sector to the world.

In pursuance of this objective Chief Executive, TDAP along with the departmental head of Engineering Division Athar Jamal Abro had detailed discussion with the said delegation members regarding various possibilities and support, which TDAP can offer.

The Chinese business delegation comprising senior management from Zotye Holding Group led by Steven Xu, Assistant to President, along with Raja Tariq Rehman, MD Raja Motor Company Ltd has recently met with TDAP CE S.M Muneer in Karachi.

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