MONITORING REPORT ISB: Novartis has recently held its eleventh annual International Biotechnology Leadership Camp (BioCamp), a three-day seminar bringing biotechnology and business experts together in Basel, Switzerland.

Over 60 selected students from leading international universities in 25 countries and territories attended this event focusing on the challenges of a growing aging population across the world.

A WHO report says that the population of people 60 years of age and older had doubled since 1980 and is forecast to reach 2 billion by 2050, when this age group will outnumber children up to 15 years of age. This change would be a great challenge for the world governments.

“A rapidly-expanding aging population and the rise of chronic diseases are forcing changes in healthcare. These changes also offer an opportunity to review the model for treating patients,” Joseph Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer of Novartis, said on the occasion.

He was of the view that all healthcare system stakeholders need to collaborate and align on the common goal of improving outcomes, instead of focusing on their individual transactions.Discussion topics included the companys regenerative medicine programmes and the impact of aging on eye health.

International BioCamp participants interacted with key Novartis scientists who lead the companys unique approach to drug discovery and learn about breakthrough medicines to address patients unmet medical needs.

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