STAFF REPORT ISB: Despite two separate judgments of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the government still seems reluctant to withdraw its direct appointees on key positions in more than two dozen public-sector organisations.

“Nearly all the direct appointees are still working on their positions, contrary to the orders of the high court,” a senior government official told this scribe.

The government had announced that they would challenge the IHC verdicts in the Supreme Court to protect their preferred appointees, but so far, no petition has been presented at the apex court in this regard.

Only one direct appointee, Pakistan Television (PTV) Managing Director Muhammad Malik, has managed to get relief from the Supreme Court after he was removed from his position by the high court.

The government had issued a notification on January 13 of this year, making direct appointments in 23 key departments, exempting them from an earlier Establishment Division order.

Former chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, in his verdict in the Haj corruption case of 2012, had also taken a firm stance against the reappointment of government officers who had reached the age of superannuation.

The IHC, on April 18, had suspended the January 13 notification which empowered the government to make appointments in accordance with the whims of politicians, dodging the directives of the top court.

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