In Pakistan it is very rare to witness that an organization or institute established with certain manifesto or mandate remains committed and dedicated to its mission. Same is the brazen case with the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF). Apparently working under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the PSF, which is presently being looked after by an ad hoc boss but he through his king-like decisions appeared more powerful than a permanent chairman, has trampled all rules when it recently transferred/demoted the two core officials of its Media Cell. Duly approved by the PSF board of directors in 2009, the Media Cell, a statutory body, was tasked to promote as well as encourage science and technology activities of the PSF across the country by involving the national media – both print and electronic. However, the PSF big boss, who is not sure whether he would stand a chance in coming days as he is presently facing multiple charges like corruption, misuse of funds, transgression of official limitations, nepotism, sexual harassment, etc. victimized the two officials of the Media Cell. These officials including a lady were punished for reportedly pointing their finger at what wrongs had been done under the patronage of the big boss. Presently, the Media Cell is virtually dead putting its activities to a halt. No relevant official is available at this Cell to interact with national media. So much so the publication process of PSF Newsletter is appeared to have been shelved. Media has significantly established its worth across the world in this modern age of information technology as it has a major role in image building or opinion making. At this stage when the government of Pakistan is taking initiatives, though at a preliminary stages, to promote the science and technology culture in the country, mishandling of affairs inside the PSF, established with significant purpose, would prove to be more damaging to the government cause for this significant sector. Presently, a lady official, having no experience of media handling, is occasionally available to interact with media persons. The PSF cant be kept in isolation any more like that. The high-ups of PSF should hold some sense and just make sure that some relevant officials are deputed at the Media Cell to better look after its activities which had been maintained by those officials recently fell prey to the venomous approach of the big boss who in routine hardly lets his critics to survive.

By Web Team

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