STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has over 25 million out of school children. The ones attending public and most private schools get an education devoid of developing critical thinking skills. Perhaps the time has now come to make Pakistan one of the largest experiments in e/m-learning in the world.

According to a recent World Bank report on learning in South Asia, many South Asian teachers perform poorly in math and language tests based on the primary curriculum they are supposed to teach.

The report further says that the Pakistani universities are spewing out students by the thousands who cannot comprehend, analyze, hypothesize and solve real life problems in their chosen profession.

While e/m-learning is taking the world by storm with anecdotal evidence pointing to appreciable gains in student learning, scientifically sound evidence is still being collected and assessed. With technology assisted learning where content is produced once and distributed to millions of students, the promise of these technologies is huge.

Pakistan must catch this wave of e/m-learning or it will miss a great and promising opportunity. With one of the largest out of school and in-school populations yearning for acquiring knowledge no other place offers a greater opportunity for experimenting with e/m-learning innovation.

By Web Team

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