STAFF REPORT ISB: The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has paid, so far, Rs 148.35 million on account of production bonus for Mela and Nashpa fields at Kohat, Karak and Mianwali districts.

Out of total amount paid under the petroleum concession agreement, Kohat received Rs 48.95 million, Karak was deposited Rs 97.96 million and the company deposited Rs 1.44 million to Mianwali and these blocks covered 163.62 in Karak, at Kohat and 2.4 km at district Mianwali, says an official source.

The company under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) will construct a dispensary to facilitate localities living around Nashpa Plant.

According to the official source, process is under way to acquire land for the facility which costs Rs 5 million.

Similarly, the company also planned to construct two rooms with varandah of the Government Primary School Alwargi Banda at cost of Rs 1.125 million, says the official source.

The OGDCL constructed rooms and toilets at cost of over Rs 1 million in Madrassa Dare-Argam near Naspha on demand of local MNA in 2009-10, besides construction of class rooms and provision of four computers to Govt High Secondary School Chanda Khurram at cost of 0.580 million in 2012-13. The company also spent Rs 3.556 million on water supply schemes including construction of four water storage tanks at Village Faqiri Banda and installation of 25 water pressure pumps at Naspha.

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