STAFF REPORT KHI: As cellular mobile operators (CMOs) has started rolling out next-generation mobile broadband services, the PTA has started to train its staff and upgrade equipment to conduct the first-ever quality of service (QoS) and quality of .

experience (QoE) survey at the end of 2014 – the industrys deadline for first phase of rollout obligations.

The authority has recently completed staff training at its headquarters with the aim to impart knowledge and skills to its officials so that they could effectively monitor the QoS parameters in 3G and 4G services, according to the regulator.

PTA also acquired a solution from a Finnish company and upgraded its equipment for that purpose.

“This solution would enable the PTA to monitor licenced QoS key performance indicators of 3G and 4G networks to ensure that quality standards are met and users get the services at anticipated quality standards,” PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah said in a recent statement.

The training was conducted at the headquarters and included only a handful of PTA officials from regional offices. These regional officials would go back to their respective zones and train their teams before kicking off the QoS survey, he said.

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