MONITORING REPORT ISB: Wedge is part of the Open Compute Project (OCP) which is being led by Najam Ahmad, the Director of Technical Operations at Facebook. Najam, who was born in Karachi, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology and later on went to do his Master of Science in Telecommunication Protocols and Computer Science from George Washington University.

Prior to Facebook, Najam was General Manager of Global Networking Services at Microsoft where he looked after the operations, overall architecture, design and implementation of Microsofts global online network.

This basically means that Facebook (and other companies who support the OCP) will be able to use and contribute to the open hardware design of these switches and this is bad news for vendors like HP, Dell and Cisco who basically have the monopoly over the $150 billion data center hardware market.

Najams role in this whole project, though limited, gives Pakistanis hope and motivation as there are still hundreds and thousands of engineers back in the country, who dream of going to the Silicon Valley and making an impact that can change the world and now they have someone to look up to.

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