STAFF REPORT ISB: South Asian region is in a state of flux with competing economic visions being offered for its future. For Pakistan the critical choices are mostly internal. Focus should be on good governance and economy.

This was the gist of the speeches made by speakers at the concluding session of a recently concluded two-day international conference on “Pakistans strategic environment: Post 2014”.The conference was organised by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute in collaboration with Hans Seidel Foundation of Germany.

While summing up the proceedings of the second day sessions, eminent journalist and former ambassador to the US Dr Maliha Lodhi said, “The stress on geo-economics is for the good but peace and prosperity that are being offered as the panacea needed some strategy to be realised.”

In the first session of the conference chaired by Sherry Rahman, former ambassador to the US and chairperson Jinnah Institute, papers were read by Russian scholar Yury Krupnov, Dr Nazir Hussain of Quad-i-Azam University and Chinese scholar Dr Hu Shisheng.

Dr Mohammad Hafeez of Punjab University, IPRI scholar Air Commodore (retd) Khalid Iqbal and Khwaja Khalid Farooq, former chairman of NACTA addressed the second session.

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