Q: Tell us about what is exactly Pakwheels.com?

A: Pakwheels.com is Pakistans first and largest automobile/vehicles dealing and discussion forum. The domain was registered back in 1999. The site was launched in July-2003 when it officially swaggered users to discuss their vehicle-related issues, to put on specifications about their automobiles on portal and sell it out. Currently, a businessman from Lahore named – Raza Saeed owns most of its shares and is also running pakwheels.com since 2008.

Q: What are the most common reasons people care to use Pakwheels.com for car purchase or selling?

A: Well, Pakwheels.com since its inception has always dominated the on-line automobile culture at Pakistan. People know that if they put up their car ad or even their business advertisement on portal. Sure, it is to be seen by much of demographic. As pakwheels.com has around 257,000 members which we pronounce as” Pak-Wheeler” and what most is it has about 90,000 of hits per day.

Q: What motivated you to start this movement of selling and purchasing cars on-line?

A: To be honest, I never thought my life would get me into this credit. What I knew was I had this passion and warmth with cars and other auto vehicles so as my friends did too from childhood. We grew up, we all split and after spending around 2 decades in Middle East, I finally came back to Pakistan and decided to open up this portal, with a hope to find my friends someday via this. Yes, and I did find them.

Q: Are there any other initiatives like Pakwheels.com available in Pakistan? If yes, what makes you distinct from them?

A: Yes, there are much of them out there on-line. The thing which distincts us from them is “We being the pioneers in this industry, have had occupied a much of hearts and concern of people”. Moreover, we had these compliments from many people that pakwheels.com has good things to offer as I quote “There is a level of Trust” within the people that at least its not going to be a fraud.

Q: How do you strategize to keep pakwheels.com up in front of most common C2C used platform by people i.e. OLX?

A: Yes, people do have option of OLX and as I said many more similar websites but pakwheels.com is not just about trading and exchanging deals. No, its not just that. You would be surprised if I tell you that a huge number of our users believe in pakwheels.com as it provides them valuable tips and tricks for their vehicles, there is a forum which is of much importance, our Pak-Wheelers share their problems, experiences, their tour histories even, how would you feel when you just post up this query and get responded back by dozens of valuable tips and advices for the matter. I at least can say. OLX would not be able to deliver that.

Q: How has been the response from people? Any compliment you like to share?

A: People are crazy, and they need crazy things to be in this paradox. Well, pakwheels.com is a hub and a heaven for automobile lovers. They can share their word out, and their experience or can read and learn out of other people stories. Just to share, we even receive calls from mothers, wives and friends of some Pak-wheelers to open up their access (Just in case we block them of any mishap) so that they can still be at home, elsewhere they would frustrate out being outside the home for whole time.

Q: Does pakwheels.com have any CSR initiative or it intends to sponsor any automobile sort of student project or any event?

A: PakWheels.com has launched PakDonor, the countrys first online blood donation platform. PakWheels.com has also supported the campaign for the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Peshawar by dedicating Lahore Auto show 2014 to them.

Q: Any latest achievement at Pakwheels.com?

A: Pakwheels.com has won Brand of the Year award along with winning Teradata National IT Excellence Award. Apart from that PakWheels has won many prestigious awards in past.

Q: Any suggestions you would like to give to people who are working to start their own start-up?

A: Just a one-line “Try, trying, trying and trying – but making it a plan try and never give up”.

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