STAFF REPORT LHR: The United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) in collaboration with the UNICEF and the School Education Department (SED) has recommended home-based education as an alternative schooling, greater utilisation of available infrastructure and resources to cater to more students, and formulation of an education calendar by districts instead of provincial government.The policy brief on the Impact of Climate Change on the Education of Most Excluded Children in Punjab stated that the schools damaged in the 2005 earthquake in Azad Kashmir and in the 2010 floods in Sindh were still being rebuilt. Only 33 per cent of the schools and colleges destroyed were rebuilt by the government.The report also said that the average temperature in Pakistan had risen by 0.57 degree Celsius over the past two decades, which could cost the economy $14 billion per year.

The impact of climate change on education is different for each region. The report said rural Punjab is more affected by natural disasters, and urban Punjab is impacted by the heat wave. This, the report argues, will impact the schooling network due to the destruction of schools through floods, especially in southern Punjab. The spread of diseases such as dengue fever, cholera and measles in central Punjab has also damaged the schooling network.

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