Q: Tell me about Aaramshop.pk?

A: AaramShop enables consumers to shop for grocery online in a convenient and cost-effective way. It does so by connecting neighborhood retailers with consumers. This initiative is simple in itself; one has to just log in to the site, add things in his shopping cart and those would be transported within two hours on his/her door through their nearest retailer. Moreover, the customer has the ease to pay at his doorstep on delivery.

Q: What was exactly the motivation behind starting AaramShop?

A: AaramShop was co-founded by Ahmed Arif and Qaysar Alam. Ahmed is an automotive and marketing entrepreneur while Qaysar is a supply chain veteran who is the President of Supply Chain Association of Pakistan and was most recently the Vice President of Supply Chain at Unilever Pakistan.

Q: Is it a startup or a complete business?

A: Well, AaramShop is a joint venture by India and Pakistan, and yes, it is in start-up phase for now. So its like we AaramShop team is on fire mode on daily basis to improve as much as we can and add more excellence to its business model.

Q: What and how has been the response from people?

A: Well so far so good, but the thing is that an already evolved level of trust has to be strengthened enough on the other side. Some of them cant even think of shopping other than Aaramshop.pk. Like for them means a life while others just dont adopt the method conveyed by Aaramshop.pk.

Q: Tell me its IMPACT; is it really the thing Pakistan needs the most?

A: I guess, its we human beings that provide a value worth enough to be impactful to anything. The future is on-wire. Today or tomorrow people will have to come up to this, so why not now! Yes, there are many remote areas where one even cant think of getting a household item so easily, and here we play our part basically.

Q: Whats the best part of the next thing you are doing for AaramShop.pk?

A: Aaramshop.pk team is really on its move to improve service for consumers and its brands as well. Moreover, the best part can be to bring in more retailers so as to cover more geographic area and hence escalating the impression of trust within Karachi citizenry for AaramShop.pk.

Q: Are there any other initiatives like AaramShop available in Pakistan? If yes, what makes you distinct from them?

A: Yes, there are some of them working in Pakistan, but the thing is we have maintained a threshold where we can proudly say the fact that AaramShop.pk is dominating the industry. Other online grocery retailer service is through their own warehouses/suppliers while we use the existing eco-system to make deliveries. We have like 400 retailers from all around Karachi.

Q: How are you looking at the strategy to expand the concept?

A: Well there is not any hidden sort of strategy; the concept has to brag its existence at Karachi and move ahead to other two metropolitan cities of Pakistan – Lahore and Islamabad.

Q: Any latest achievement by Aaramshop.pk, please brief?

A: Well bringing up such initiative itself is an achievement. But yes, catering 400 retailers around Karachi, having some good customers relations, which even sometimes feel more of like a family other than ordinary customer, thats a pretty much achievement we have right now.

Q: Any suggestions you would like to give to people who are working to start their own start-up?

A: The only advice or suggestion would be; to just do more and think less. Most of the times we do have many ideas bobbling up in our mind; we do get exhausted juggling them but it keeps vanishing as we plan it to make more and more accurate before even getting it started. I say you just start doing it, learning from failures, You know as they say – Fail quickly as you can.

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