Experts for research in geosciences to cut risks

STAFF REPORT ISB: Disaster risk reduction should be incorporated in planning processes at every administrative tier, but in order to achieve this objective, the country has to first compile disaster vulnerability assessments, coordinate its scientific research efforts and create a general awareness among administrators to think ahead in terms of natural disaster preparedness.

Speakers echoed these thoughts at a recently conducted national forum on geosciences and disaster risk reduction here, organised by the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) in collaboration with Germanys Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR).

The forum aims at bringing different research organisations together to discuss disaster prediction and mitigation measures, GSP Director-General Dr Imran Khan said on the occasion.

Pakistani research organisations can, however, lobby decision makers to implement policies to ultimately save lives and avoid financial losses, he suggested and added, but first, these organisations have to join hands and work together across disciplines.

Iftikhar Bhatti, General Manager, SUPARCO, said that satellite imagery is being used in Pakistan for post-disaster damage assessment and crop estimation among other similar analyses.

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