3D imaging estimates pothole volume

STAFF REPORT ISB: Dr. Khurram Kamal from NUST, Pakistan, , Dr. Senthan Mathavan from Nottingham Trent University and Dr. Mujib Rahman at Brunel University, London, have developed a 3D system that uses Microsofts Kinect to perform pothole metrology and volume estimation.

Using a Microsoft Kinect mounted on a tripod, researchers at Nottingham Trent University are using 3D imaging to provide more accurate analysis of potholes.

Preparation for pothole repair is as important as the repair itself since a fast and accurate measurement of the extent and severity of a pothole can help to identify the potential repair required.

Manual surveying such potholes is slow and inaccurate since it is difficult to measure the volume of the pothole due to its irregular shape, said Dr. Khurram Kamal.

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