ECO secretary general satisfied with ECOSF progress

STAFF REPORT ISB:President of ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro, has called upon the ECO Secretary General Dr. Shamil Aleskerov in Tehran and briefed him about ECOSFs ongoing and planned activities and various issues related to the functioning of the Foundation.

He was also briefed about ECOSF cooperation with ECO Educational Institute (ECOEI) and ECO Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ECO-IEST), says a message received here from Tehran.

During the meeting, Prof. Soomro mentioned that ECOSF have developed contacts with international science and technology institutions and donors – UNESCO, ISTIC Malaysia, EU and the La main a la pate Foundation of France for support.

He further highlighted the strong commitment and cooperation of ISTIC and La main a la pate Foundation for organization of a capacity building workshop in Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) in Turkey in May 2014.

The Secretary General expressed satisfaction over the working together in harmony by ECOSF and ECOEI and for nurturing collaboration with other international institutions.

He advised the President ECOSF to travel to the ECO member countries and meet the respective high officials in the SandT Ministries, Foreign Affairs and Academies of Science to muster support for various actions including ratification of ECOSF Charter, budgetary contributions and scientific cooperation.

At the end, Prof. Dr. Soomro presented the Foundations Plaque and Annual Report-2013 to Dr. Shamil Aleskerov.

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