Hybrid cars promotion stressed through low prices

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) has asked the government to take action against auto dealers mafia for their illegal activities, causing damage to the local auto industry by illegally importing used cars and hoodwinking innocent customers by selling them old vehicles at exorbitant rates, says a statement issued here by the association.

“Despite governments budgetary measures to bring down the prices of used hybrid cars by reducing duty rates, the rates of used cars, both hybrid, as well as non-hybrid, have jumped by over 27 percent in 2013,” said Paapam Chairman Usman Malik while showing concern over the prevalent situation in the country.

He stated that despite 100 per cent exemption of all duties and taxes on used hybrid cars of up to 1,200cc, 50 per cent exemption of up to 1800cc and 75 per cent exemption of up to 2,500cc, the prices of 1300cc 3-year old Honda Insight Hybrid has jumped by 27 per cent to Rs1,900,000 from its January 2013 rate of around Rs1,500,000. The price of 3-year old 1800cc Toyota Prius has increased by 26 per cent from Rs1,900,000 to Rs2,400,000.

The importance of hybrid cars has increased manifold in Pakistan as they are environment-friendly as well as energy efficient.

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