Social development through technology

Everybody loves to see magic, and now a days any one can see it, feel it and be it via technology, wonder how? Of course the use of telecommunication, this is not much more than a magic. It was a time, when one used to watch television and read newspapers to be in acquaintance of what is happening around his surroundings and the world, surely that has been replaced by a faster medium of Internet.

Technology can be an abundant tool to social and economic development. Technology has always seen a change from its evolution, what of interest now here is the reach of connectivity augmenting to its new phase via smart phones. Due to this varied dispersion of mobile phones and handheld devices that have access to web, over 4 billion people worldwide now have some plan of access to computing.

Technology can help people in getting education via school in cloud i.e. Khan Academy, technology can also provide new ways of earning to people in the form of Blogging. It can help in development of community through social media sites and reduces a huge physical gap to a state of button away from its access. But among all of these advancements in technology what of real value over here is the concept of health getting promoted via technology measuring techniques known as Telemedicine approach, by which the entire set of medical instruments transforms into a piece of circuit ensuring internet reachability through WLAN chip installed inside, by which the patients readings can be sent live to his doctor at another side of world. Many medical entrepreneurs and NGOs have taken striking steps to endorse the telemedicine, many by installing remote units in under-privileged areas and others by designing such health kits.

Social development needs society to be intact with one another, and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter added a vast value to its number of improvements. Moreover hash # tags at twitter can born a whole new community of people having mutual interest. Technology in Pakistan has also founded a new spark in banking sector via E-banking schemes such as Easypaisa and Timepay initiated by local telecom companies with support of banks to its customers, who do not have access to bank accounts and require fast way out to transfer money from places.

Technology has also advanced in means of handy application for smart phones. Application has not just developed a powerful society but also catered many of the problems via making mobile software-based applications for it. This just has originated a new business model for entrepreneurs to take interest which can benefit them and also improve standards of people life in society. Such computational capabilities as we see now and conjunction of devices connectivity made possible what was one a dream. Looking at this, one can surely predict that five years from now world would be using smart phones, internet, and television more seamlessly.

Society needs effective collaboration of working parties and NGOs to get connected more in an easy way and share its resources to one another and to the people for economic development; this is possible when such organizations take great use of technology formulations. A concluding fact at this moment would be “Only one thing remains constant, which is change” and we believe that this era of technology will lead us to another age of technology more than we can imagine, and could expect.

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