Role of professional development courses projected

STAFF REPORT IBD: A certificate distribution ceremony of a month-long professional development training course has been organized by the Institute for Professional Development (IPD) of IIUI.

The ceremony was attended by President IIUI Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, VP Academics Dr. Bashir Khan, Director General (AFandP) Gulzar Khwaja, Director IPD Dr. Saeed Chishti, Training Management Specialist IPD Saneeha Khalid, Directors of university and participants of course attended the ceremony.

In his remarks, Dr. Draiweesh said that such courses provide opportunities to learn from experience of each other and also help to address the organizational challenges.

The President IIUI maintained that officers should acquire knowledge of contemporary changes and join such training programmes. He hoped that more IIUI officials would be provided opportunity to join professional development courses in short intervals.

Dr. Saeed, in his welcome note, explained that the course was aimed at creating highest standards in advanced research, interactive communication and building a community to set new patterns for the betterment of IIUI.

Saneeha Khalid hoped that the course would pave the way for creating a milieu of cooperation at IIUI and all the professionals would utilize their leadership abilities by applying team building skills.

The ceremony concluded with the award of course completion certificates among the participants by the President IIUI.

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